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Education: From Achievement to Innovation...

At What We Could Be Exchange, we are driven by a single goal to do our part in creating "A-School Communities". To that end, in direct response to the high number of underachieving schools in low income communities in Hillsborough County, WWCB teams with nonprofit organizations like  Project LINK to launch a hyper-collaborative initiative powered by the community to transform underachieving schools and the

neighborhoods where they exist. This mission-focused initiative sees the community as accountable for its own successes - especially the success of its schools - for long term sustainability. It is created to galvanize children, parents, organizations, and businesses together to directly tackle the issues surrounding at-risk economically disadvantaged families with children in underachieving schools.


WWCB seeks to close both the achievement gap and the "quality of life" gap from within  by aligning the best of the community's gifts, culture, and expertise with that of urban schools to create a culture of "innovation".  Through consistent community engagement initiatives, both parent and child are equipped with knowledge and advocacy skills, including financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and civic leadership that positions them as "game changers" in the transformation of their own lives, their schools and ultimately the impoverished neighborhoods in which they live.



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