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Jeannette Bradley

Community Engagement Activist

Jeannette Bradley, Founder

Jeannette Bradley, LLC.

I left corporate America in 2003 to create "What We Could Be" in order to work directly with black and brown students to close the Achievement Gap.  Today, I have expanded my vision to include exploring the effects of the Achievement Gap on the Economic/Wealth and Health Gaps through community-wide engagement initiatives with local organizations and the residents by connecting the dots to find solutions to address the many systemic challenges impacting the community at-large.


We began this process back in 2008-2009, when I partnered with Diana Kyle, Earth Force, former educator, to work with students at Blake High School. We set out to change students' mindsets so they themselves could transform Blake's culture toward their new-found shared vision to become an "A-School". Within a year of implementing the community-driven Principals Special Forces Team (PSFT),  Blake High School emerged from a "D-school" three years running into an "A-School" for the first and only time in its 19-year history of recording state test results.

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From 2012-2017,  as Consultant and later CEO, I worked to reorganize local nonprofit Tampa Hillsborough Action Plan (THAP) bringing it out of obscurity to being named "Nonprofit of the Year" by WEDU in 2017.

Today, WWcB sets our sights on supporting and engaging all members of our community in a variety of ways to reach one shared vision.   We measure success  both quantitatively and qualitatively such as the scale  and effectiveness of our collective efforts in achieving (1)  clean, safe neighborhoods; (2)  grassroots leadership; (3)  sustainable business and entertainment districts; and, of course (4) great schools.


Just imagine what we can achieve together!

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