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SEEDFOLKids After School Garden Experience

What We Could Be Exchange Inc.


What We Could Be Exchange

Neighborhood Community Garden Initiative - East Tampa and Sulphur Springs

Re-building Neighborhoods through Sustainable Gardens

What We Could Be Exchange (WWCB) is committed to creating "sustainable neighborhoods," with a focus to transform low-income urban neighborhoods. WWCB collaborates with nonprofit organizations such as Project LINK Inc., Ideas for Us, and Bethesda Ministries to launch community-driven initiatives that hold the community accountable for their own successes for long-term sustainability. The initiative aims to bring together children, parents, organizations, and businesses to address issues faced by at-risk families, including and not limited to food insecurity. WWCB's goal is to address the quality of life (QoL) gap by combining the community's strengths, culture, and expertise while fostering a culture of innovation. Through consistent community engagement, parents and children gain essential knowledge and advocacy skills, including financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and civic leadership, empowering them to be catalysts for positive change in their lives, schools, and impoverished neighborhoods.


The Neighborhood Community Garden initiative is based on Newbery Medal winner Paul Fleischman’s novel Seedfolks

where a junk-strewn city lot is transformed into an urban garden, a process that transforms the gardeners’ lives as well.

JHeights-Bethesday Volunteer Flyer.jpg
Sulphur Springs Community Garden (5-6-2023)
Jackson Heights-Bethesda Community Garden  (5-6-2023)

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Jackson Heights-Bethesda Community Garden Volunteer Workday (8-12-2023)
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