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Join us in the Fundraising Campaign by What We Could Be Inc. to provide community and school gardens for children in three underperforming public schools. Our mission is to create green spaces that foster learning and sustainable living. You can contribute to this cause by purchasing our garden-inspired products or donating today.

We will procure bags of garden soil, seedlings, and other garden and kitchen supplies through your support. With these resources, we will create food-to-table experiences for participants, allowing them to learn about sustainability and healthy eating in the green spaces they help build.


By joining our campaign, you will help make a positive and lasting impact on schools and neighborhoods. Let's come together to create a brighter future for children, allowing them to learn and thrive in nurturing environments.


What We Could Be Exchange, Inc.

501 (c)3 Charitable Organization

IMG_5648 2 Retractable.jpg

Mural by

Lakeema Matthew, Artist

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